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420 Concentrate

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Pure de-natured cannabis oil ejuice vaping

formula and the new Salvia.

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Introducing is a boutique manufacturer of adult-only (R18) products in two categories – smoking blends and herbal vapes. In both categories our detailed research into herbal extracts and oils, combined with our specific blending skills (based on consumer insight), means our products provide optimum consumer satisfaction at a value-for-money price.

Our botanical products are, we believe, unique in their character and delivery and we source only all-natural herbal ingredients from reliable suppliers in countries such as New Zealand, China, South Africa, Poland and Mexico. products contain no artificial or illegal ingredients and no alcohol, caffeine or nicotine. They are designed for recreational use only.

We love our users, and they love us.

“I’ve never had such nice effects…”

Hi Team, these are game-changing ejuices… next level… new generation vaporising ejuices. I’ve never had such nice effects from any natural herb product. You’re on the right track ejuicenz. Keep it up. – Stu from Tauranga, NZ.

“That shine is like liquid ice. I think I over-used it the first time and didn’t sleep for two days, I need some more now!”
Mike from Auckland, NZ.
“The first time I tried matrix red I got a good euphoric effect – But After 4 hours of cleaning the house, my partners boat, and tidying the backyard i realised my energy levels were way up there.”
Helen from Palmerston North, NZ.
“Matrix green is the real thing for me. I’ve found my safer alternative! Man this is the next-best thing.”
Kevin from Dunedin, NZ.

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